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Skillful Divorce Filings & Child Custody Advice

Protect your spousal and parental rights with divorce filings and child custody advice from Page A. Banks Attorney At Law in Huntsville, Alabama. I understand that these types of cases are accompanied by various emotions, so I’m happy to provide you with compassionate representation.

Your Legal Advocate

I offer my law expertise for clients who are going through a divorce, child custody, child support, juvenile dependency, and other family matters. I handle all family law matters at my office, and work with everybody from children and adults to grandparents.

Complete Legal Assistance

I get to the bottom of the matter to provide a solution for my clients. I truly do take in mind what would be in the best interests for your personal situation. This approach includes providing an effective solution that best protects my clients while they are going through a divorce process, a child custody issue, and more.

A Joint Effort

To assist my clients as they go through any family process, I am able to use a third party if necessary. You can depend on me to make possible recommendations and/or ideas for solutions that would possibly be the most beneficial.

Children Are The Priority

I will always work with my clients when there is an issue and/or a situation where a child is in danger. I file petitions, when deemed necessary, to protect the children.